Devils of Eagle Valley

“So where did you teach before coming here?”

“I taught engineering for about 8 years in Austin, Texas, then I moved back here about 12 years ago and taught at Eagle Valley for about a year, but I wanted to go back to China where I had worked for a while, but I didn’t go back right away. So I taught at Vail Christian for about 5 years, then I went back to China and taught English for about three years. Then I came back here and got married, then some things fell through, and I ended up at Eagle Valley Middle as a perm sub, and then I came here.”

“What do you like about being a Librarian?”

“It’s really fun, I get to be with all the kids but not have all the extra added work of grading and lesson plans and all that. Which I don’t mind, but it makes a really long day, and I want to be spending more time with my family now.”