Avengers Infinity War: Bringing the entire galaxy together

Carter Josef, Reporter

Every Marvel movie from the last ten years had led up to the epic movie, Avenger: Infinity War. The previous movies have shown what and where many of the Infinity Stones are. The newest film shows the epic story of how Thanos tries to collect all of the stones to wipe out the galaxy.

The story takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after all of the previous Marvel movies. There are big details that were developed in Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: Ragnarok, Civil War, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and many more. Through watching these movies, the audience can see what and where the infinity stones are. They also set up the characterization for almost all of the superheroes. This was great for the movie because it was able to jump right into a really intense scene without having to do much character development.

Although this movie features many fan favorite super heroes, it really follows the story of the villain, Thanos. Thanos Believes that the universe does not have balance. He believes that in order for life to continue, there has to be a balance between life and resources. In order to achieve this balance, he plans on killing half of the life in the universe.This is the conflict he has with Avengers and many of the other Marvel super heroes because they want to protect life.

When the story begins, we see Thanos as a heartless beast. His biggest foil is Gamora. We see her as a nice, loving person while we see Thanos as a mean, heartless beast. Gamora was adopted by Thanos, and he calls her “Little One.” The audience is shown a new side of Thanos when Gamora takes him to the soul stone. He is told that he has to trade a soul for a soul. When Gamora laughs because she believes he doesn’t love anyone, we see a new side of Thanos. He really cares about his “Little One” and sacrifices her. From his stories, we can see that it is important to have love and continue to work hard for what you really believe in.

This movie has some of the best action scenes of any movie that has come out in the last bunch of years. The excitement of this scene was amazing and kept viewers on the edge of their seats. The fight scene in Wakanda was amazing because it gave insight to characters’ strategy while audiences got to see all of their favorite superheroes battle side by side.

Disney Studios
Many of the Marvel superheroes fight side by side on Wakanda in the most epic fight scene of the movie.

Many of the previous Marvel movies have had weak plot lines, so I was very skeptical about how Infinity War would be when they combined so many of these stories in Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the movie had a strong plot. There was a clear story and an adventure that Thanos had to embark on. It wasn’t like the previous movies where everyone just got mad at each other and started fighting. The climax was an amazing fight scene, and the plot only made the fighting better because you were really emotionally attached to what would happen.

The one weakness that this movie had was the amount of stuff in it. It seemed like there were too many sub plot lines, and the movie moved too fast. If they could have split the movie up into two or took out some of the minor characters, the details could have been very cool and more intense.

I would recommend that everybody goes and sees this movie because even people that have not have seen a previous Marvel movie can understand what is going on. It was very fun to watch and might have been one of the best marvel movies made in the last 10 years.