Performing Arts Department end of year concert showcases student talent


Nick Bray

The Eagle Valley Singers is EVHS’s only coed choir.

Nick Bray, Photographer and Reporter

On Wednesday April 10th 2019, the Eagle Valley High School Performing Arts department held a concert for the Eagle Valley students, staff and families. Among the many performances, highlights included a trash can ensemble, a Jazz performance, a complete orchestra performance, and performances from each of the Eagle Valley choirs.

The Eagle Valley Singers, a coed Choir, performance featured an awe inspiring solo from Pablo Calvo ‘21.

“Bo totally deserved that solo today,” says Choir teacher Jesse Bunge. “He was in the practice room every single day working on that, and it showed when we did auditions.”  

The show was put together by Bunge and band director Mr. Pat Shehy in order to celebrate the talents and accoplishments of the Performing Arts Department this year

“The main goal is to showcase the performance aspect of the class,” says Bunge.

With over seven classes offered in the Performing Arts Department, students have many options to develop skills in their musical interest area. Taking music classes provides a creative release for students.

Kalista Farmer ‘19, who is in both Band and Choir, says, “It’s not like school stressful, it’s stressful for like two seconds, then I remember that I’m having the greatest time of my life.”