Eagle Valley Girls Soccer Team reacts to cancellation of season due to COVID-19

COVID-19 prevents the kick off of the Eagle Valley High School girls soccer season


Laurel Broy

The Eagle Valley Girls Soccer team huddle before a game before the season was cancelled. “I miss the atmosphere of a game and the excitement to get to showcase what we had been working on in practice,” Coach Maggie Sherman says of the lost soccer season.

Lily Dewell , Reporter

The cancellation of the Eagle Valley Girls Soccer team’s season due to COVID-19 has left the team of 20 girls heartbroken. The season was at first postponed until April 6, which was then pushed back until April 18. Once the government of Colorado and CHSAA realized the continued risk of spread of the virus, they terminated all sports seasons and school activities. 

Each of the players expressed disappointment at the cancellation of the season. 

I miss everything about the soccer season. I miss spending every day with the team. I miss the laughs, the jokes, the hard work, and the struggle to push through difficult moments.”

— Coach Maggie Sherman

“It was a rough afternoon when we found out,” Elizabeth Mendoza ‘21 reflected. As a junior, it was her third year playing for the high school team. “…it just sucks that we lost our season, there wasn’t anything we could do about it.” 

Seniors have been impacted differently compared to the rest of the team due to the reason that it was their last season. 

 “As a senior it definitely hurt,” Uma Nanin ‘20 said. “Ever since freshman year, the seniors this year have been waiting to be leaders. I was looking forward to it. And not even with soccer… my whole grade and I have always been counting down days just to be the ¨head¨ of the school.” 

Many of the Eagle Valley players have been playing together through Vail Valley Soccer Club since they were little kids, and they looked forward to sharing one last season together.

 “We’ve all been playing our whole lives since we were like five years old, and a lot of us have played Vail  Valley together for years,” Elena Maldonado ‘20 explains. “This was our last time to play together so it was devastating.” 

Like the players, Coach Maggie Sherman is disappointed to be missing soccer season. 

 “I miss everything about the soccer season,” Sherman explains. “I miss spending every day with the team. I miss the laughs, the jokes, the hard work, and the struggle to push through difficult moments.” 

As the coaches reflected on the absence of the soccer season, Coach Alli Weibel expressed, The Eagle Valley Girls Soccer team is most special to me because of the freshmen. I coached the incoming freshmen for three seasons prior, and it’s just been really exciting to see them grow and the potential they have.” 

To promote the well being of the players, as Coach Maggie Sherman has been hosting some small workout sessions for the girls to participate in. 

“Maggie has been putting together work out Google Meets and there are about two a week. She has also been sending out information about updates every week in hopes to help us,” Elizabeth Mendoza ’21 stated.

At the end of the day, Coach Maggie Sherman wants the players and their families to remember how important soccer is in everyone’s lives and how it will impact their future. 

“I hope the team finds a way to continue loving the game,” says Coach Sherman. “I hope the team never takes a day on the field for granted. I hope they cherish the moments they are given and make the most out of each of those moments.”