Motivation in times like these

Noel Somogyi, Columnist

Humans are creatures of habit, nobody really likes change. The new stay at home order, quarantine for a lack of better terms, has most likely thrown everyone’s routine off. With school coming to an end, students can finally catch up on sleep, but maybe having to go to school at eight in the morning helped keep students in routine. Getting up at seven-thirty, brushing teeth and hair, actually getting out of pajamas and going places. 

Sure, this quarantine has given me time to catch up on sleep I didn’t get to catch up on during the usual weekends. But now I find myself oversleeping, or staying up at midnight to do work, since midnight is the prime time to be productive obviously. The sheer amount of napping may sound beneficial, but not so beneficial when I sleep from three to five, effectively blowing any chance of sleep for the night. Sometimes I wish there was still school or a job I could have to keep me in check when it comes to sleep and being productive. 

Motivation goes hand in hand with this too, it’s hard to stay motivated during times like these. Motivated to do work, motivated to clean, or to even to get out of bed sometimes. Maybe that’s why I sleep in until ten, or stay up until two, motivation and procrastination. I know a lot of other students scrambling during these last few weeks, myself included. The procrastination is real out here, I think because things are now completion based people wait until the very last minute to complete it, whether it is due Friday or due at midnight that night. It just seems so easy to play video games, watch TV, or just veg out in bed or on the couch instead of doing schoolwork. Whether it be the fact things are based on completion and effort, or there’s no other person, teacher or parent, to motivate students, we’re struggling. And it’s hard for everyone. By now most AP students are done, seniors and lowerclassmen are checking out of school soon, the last two weeks were a hustle.

It’s hard on everyone, teachers, parents, and students alike. Everyone’s still adapting to staying home all the time, until everything blows over at least. It’s hard to stay motivated, but at least know that you’re not alone, and that things will get better out there. Stay safe.