Eagle Valley reports first positive COVID-19 cases and activates response plan


Reagan McAdams, Reporter

Last night at 9:05 pm, an email was sent out to the parents and staff of Eagle Valley High School informing them of two students who tested positive for COVID-19 and the school’s response plan. 

The two students are from the same household and were attending school on B-days, and they have been removed from the school environment and are quarantining. 

Teachers and students who have come in  close contact with either of the students have been notified and are quarantining From October 5 to October 16. 104 students and three staff members are quarantining. 

The email that was sent out to parents and teachers informs the individual if they will have to quarantine specifically. Students and staff who are quarantining also cannot participate in in-person after school activities and sports.

In an announcement made this morning, Principal Greg Doan affirmed the importance of wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. 

Students who do not have to quarantine will be allowed to attend school and participate in sports and activities as normal. 

Public Health is helping to keep everyone safe and they have developed plans in order to determine who is at risk and how to handle it. 

Public Health is insuring that:

  1. The person diagnosed is being kept home from school until they are no longer infectious
  2. The persons activities when they could have spread COVID-19 are assessed
  3. The people who were close contacts of the person with COVID-19 are instructed to stay home from school for 14 days after the exposure
  4. Cooperation is critical to managing to spread of the virus

In order to determine who is at risk, Public Health asks, was a person within six feet of an infected person for more than 15 minutes without face covering protection? 

Principal Greg Doan wants to remind everyone that “we wear masks, maintain 6 feet of distance, wash hands, and clean classrooms to ensure we don’t have to quarantine even larger groups.” 

Face coverings and social distancing are vital in stopping the spread of COVID-19. 

Communication about updates and changes with the COVID-19 situation at Eagle Valley High School are being delivered through school email and Facebook as well as Eagle County Public Health. Parents, students, and teachers can contact these three numbers for information.

  • [email protected]  will be sending out updates and you can email if you have any questions
  • Text “YES” to 67587 for messages from the school district during an emergency
  • Call Eagle County Public Health and Environment at, 970-235-0187 if you have questions