Editorial: Staying Home Keeps Us Safe

Editorial: Staying Home Keeps Us Safe

Editorial Board

We have always been told that school is a safe space. As our fellow teachers and students have disappeared from the classroom and started popping up on TV screens, that feeling of safety has dissipated. We all turn to each other pondering, who’s next? We trick ourselves into believing it could never be us because somehow we are immune.

When we become entranced in this wishful thinking, it is reassuring to know there is somebody willing to step aside from this fairy tale and make the mature decision for us. That is exactly what Mr. Doan did on Tuesday afternoon with his decision to transition to online learning leading up to Thanksgiving. For that, the Eagle Valley Student Media Editorial Board is thankful because this decision allows us to stay safe.

The last week has been challenging to learn, as many of our classmates and teachers have been online. There has seemed to be a barrier between members of the class at home and the ones in person. Often, the students at home are unable to hear every person in the classroom. When they share, the students in the room struggle hearing them. This barrier has made it almost impossible for collaboration. Hopefully, with everyone on the same playing field the remainder of the week, students will find different ways to collaborate, and everyone will feel like an equal member of the class.

Since the announcement was made yesterday afternoon, we have seen lots of angry comments from the community on social media and on the Vail Daily’s website targeting the administration and their decision. This outrage from the community is uncalled for. With Thanksgiving Break right around the corner, the transition to online learning is well timed, and students are only missing out on one day of in-person learning. We, the Editorial Board at Eagle Valley Student Media, fully support the decision to transition to online learning for this time.

We all need to take responsibility for this outcome. As students, it’s time to admit that we have not all been following the guidelines as well as we could have been. In the cafeteria every day, students move the chairs to all gather around one table exceeding the limit set by administration. In class students decide to move chairs closer to their friends despite being aware of how we should social distance, even in the classroom. We look onto our social media and see kids partying like everything is normal. This pandemic is not over. We need to be more cautious with our actions. We need to work together and call each other out when we slip on the rules.

The safe choice is not always the popular choice. Hopefully, this decision will help our community recover from the recent spikes we have been having, and we will be able to return to in-person learning very soon. The sacrifices we make this week could make a tremendous impact on getting us back to school and continuing our education.


The Eagle Valley Student Media Editorial Board is made up of Editor-in-Chief Carter Josef, Editor Reagan McAdams, Producer Kim Mayorga Escalante, Producer Adriana Gallegos Helguera, and Producer Otto Berga.