Dreaming of powder

Alpine Ski team flies out of class and onto the slopes

Nate Molloy

Ian Donegan, Reporter

In Eagle County students are a close way to some of the best ski resorts in the United States. Being so close to the mountain, many students wish that instead of going to school five days a week, they could be skiing. The Alpine Ski team does just that.

“To have the opportunity to go up onto the mountain and ski while going to school is hard because we miss lots of class time, but it is totally worth it,” says skier Drew Schuering ‘21.

Nate Molloy
It’s not just EVHS Alpine Ski team kids who enjoy the slopes. Students can ski with their friends or with ski clubs. Ski Club Vail members Joey Leondardo, Tait Hargreaves, and Aaron Cook take in the beautiful views as they ski and compete in the Tetons.

The Alpine Team has a sense of pride and family with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment by their members of the team. The members of the team think of themselves as family members and the relationships that they form are part of reason why they love being on the Alpine team.

“Our team is a very fun diverse bunch, with lots of energy,” says Assistant Coach and science teacher Laura Berryman. “It’s really fun to miss school and go skiing and form relationships with the students that I might have taught Biology too.”

The team misses school either on a Wednesday or Thursday depending on their schedule. Sometimes they even have to miss Fridays for races. Despite this major commitment, everyone on the team agrees that it is a great opportunity with lots of amazing people.

“On the hill, we have this one drill where we have to ski down the hill with one ski and that teaches us how to use our inside ski and maintain control,” says Schuering, who loves being a member of the team. “Everyone is supportive and really awesome to be around due to their energetic attitudes,” emphasizes Schuering.

Although students really enjoy being on the alpine team, it can often be a challenge to miss so much school.  “It’s hard to miss school,” says Schuering. “Sometimes I have to do makeup homework and tests, which is really difficult. Alpine has taught me how to prioritize school work and still have fun.”

Even with the challenges that missing so much school poses, members of the team agree that being a part of the alpine team is a great experience with a great group of people. They want to encourage other students to join the team and enjoy the sport as they do.

“As long as you have the dedication and love to ski you should join the team, “ says Coach Berryman.