Results of the Daredevil Film Festival at Home 2020

Better late than never!

In a normal year, the Daredevil Film Festival is Eagle Valley High School’s annual 24 hour filmmaking competition. But last school year, the constraints of making a short film in a pandemic while adhering to quarantine restrictions were a whole new level of challenge. So, students had the weekend of May 15th to May 17th to make a short film in compliance with the quarantine restrictions at the time responding to the theme “The Unexpected.”

Given the challenges of working remote and the quarantine at the time, our judges needed more time than in a usual year. But we finally have the results of the competition, just in time to watch over Thanksgiving Break!

First Place: Dear Faith

Rebecca Schifanelli '20 and Ella Srholez '20

Dear Faith also earned individual awards for Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Performance: Ella Srholez. They also received commendation from the judges for make up, set design, and use of animatics.

Second Place: Toothpaste

Herry Garcia '20

Toothpaste was runner up for both Best Cinematography and Best Editing

Third Place: Unexpected Voices

Drake Berg '21, Tayah Carle '21, Jason Morrison '21, and Tyler Morrison '21

Unexpected Voices was runner up for Best Performance: Jason Morrison

The Simp Saga

Caroline Dewell '20, Riley Dudley '20, Carter Josef '21, and Saroja Manickam '20

The Simp Saga earned an individual award for Best Script.