Homecoming 2018: Eagle Valley Jump Scare

This week is Homecoming Week! A time for spirit days, sports games, parades, and school dances! Despite the allure of these festivities, many students feel as if homecoming came a little too soon this year.

Technically, Homecoming is right around the same time it was last year: late September. In theory students have had the same amount of time to buy dresses, get dates, etc. However, due to the construction of our beautiful new buildings, Eagle Valley started school around three weeks later than we did last year. We have not even been in school a month, and Homecoming is already this Saturday.

Because of our late start to the school year, Homecoming feels three weeks earlier than usual. Thus, a flock of Eagle Valley students rushed to Denver this past weekend in the hopes of finding a dress. For those who could not make it down to Denver, their best hope is either to find something in the valley, or to pull last year’s dress out of their closet resulting in lackluster photos to send to the relatives.

Many students have not even found dresses, as they did not realize just how soon homecoming is.”

— Sally McDonnell

Students are also feeling the pressure to find dates. With only a few weeks under the belt, it has been incredibly difficult for students who were not already in a relationship to find a date. Three weeks is not enough time to really get to know another student well enough to ask them as a date for homecoming. A great alternative to the traditional date is to go as a group with a bunch of friends. Besides, it’ll be more fun going with people you know you like rather than someone random you grabbed last minute.

In addition, having the dance at the same time as last year means that there was less time to plan it. Student council has had to do the work of over a month in just a couple of weeks. They have done a spectacular job in planning, but it must have been incredibly stressful to get this planned in a much shorter amount of time on top of the average student course load.

Student council has had to do the work of over a month in just a couple of weeks.”

— Sally McDonnell

The Homecoming Dance is in five days. That is the length of a typical school week, and students still feel vastly unprepared for the dance. Homecoming is simply too soon this year. It has caused immense anxiety which could have been avoided had we pushed back the event a week or two.