Are They Really Worth The Hype?

Ellie Robbins, Reporter

   On April 15, 2020, Netflix revealed their new television show ‘Outer Banks’. This show revolves around a group of teenagers who attempt to uncover the secrets of the ‘Great Merchant’ as well as many other treasures hidden among the area. There are two types of islanders; the Kooks and the Pogues. The Kooks are perceived as wealthy, selfish and stuck up individuals w


ho care for nothing but themselves. The pogues are viewed as dirty, undeserving citizens who steal and sleep as criminals. However, this show uncovers the true personalities of the two groups and how if they come together, they can achieve greatness.  


When I watched Outer Banks Season One, it was during the COVID-19 pandemic. Much like many, this show quickly became an asset to my life and brought happiness. In season one the main characters are Sarah, John B, Pope, Kiara, Ward, Rafe and JJ. 

Now, some backstory. Rafe and Sarah are siblings, they are Kooks and their father is Ward. Kiara is also a Kook, yet she despises the Kooks she grew up with, which includes Sarah and Rafe, so she becomes best friends with JJ, John B and Pope. 

My least favorite character at the beginning of the show was Ward. At first he seemed like a normal father, a father who would do anything for his children. However, I soon found out later in the story that he would do literally anything for his children, which in his case, makes him a man who lies, manipulates and even kills, putting Sarah, his daughter, in great danger. However, in the most recent season of Outer Banks, Ward becomes one of my favorites. You come to realize that he does everything for the right reasons, but goes about it the wrong way. His love for Sarah is unexplainable. He cares for her like no other in the show and even when she no longer loves him, he is always there by her side.

My second least favorite character at the beginning of the show was Kiara. I don’t know what it was but I felt that she was too much of a Pogue for a Kook. Let me elaborate. I felt she was trying to be a Pogue so badly that she didn’t seem like either a Pogue or a Kook. In other words, she did not seem a part of either social group. However, after watching the most recent Season (season 3) Kiara has now grown on me. By Season 3 you are presented with more of a backstory as to why she despises the Kooks with great passion. This helped me realize that she, herself, is also not sure of which social class she is suited to, so instead of judging her because of this I would rather follow her story instead.

Now, my third least favorite character in the beginning of the show was Pope. This is because in Season one Pope seemed boring compared to the other characters. Yes, you should not judge someone on this, but I definitely did. Wow! My opinion of Pope has altered massively. I can’t believe he was once one of my least favorite characters as now he is by far one of my favorite characters. Why? Let me explain. Pope is nowhere near boring! In fact he is one of the most interesting characters within the whole show. Bravery is his uncovered characteristic. He also takes care of his friends like no other. I came to realize, as will you, that he will disown his dreams for his friends as he cares for their future more than his own. Because of these reasons, he is the character of which I would say I admire the most.

Now we come to my favorite characters of the show in the beginning. John B was my fourth favorite character. Why? You may ask. Well, he is enthusiastic about life even though he has lost his father in recent events. He finds the fun in life when everyone else around him has given up and he has somewhat of an interesting personality. I also adore his confusion with girls. It makes him seem more realistic. I cannot believe John B ever had a place on my favorites list. He is simply annoying and much more. Okay, I may be exaggerating a little…but I have to admit, he is an unpleasant person. First of all, he stole a girl’s heart that originally belonged to another, in other words he dated this girl while she still had a boyfriend. He knew this very well. However, when she does the same to him he is shocked and horrified and he expresses his disbelief to her. What a hypocrite! In Season 3, he also begins to put his fathers needs over his friends. This not only puts him and his father at risk of danger, but his friends also.

My third favorite character is Sarah. This is mainly because she results in being an amazing asset to the friend group. She is also strong. She goes through an awful amount of trauma when she becomes friends with the Pogues, but during all of this she stays strong and does not change her beliefs. She sticks to what she believes is right, even if it does hurt her family and friends. Sarah. I love Sarah which is why now she is almost my favorite character of the entire show. She does not change at all for the worst, but for the better. I have to say, you cannot not feel pity for her. She has lost all contact with her family by Season 3 and has a broken relationship with her boyfriend. Yes, this may have been because of her doing, but when she was disowned, homeless and starving, where was her boyfriend? I have no more to say.

JJ and Rafe share the number one favorite spot. Rafe is a raging maniac meaning he is the most exciting character to me. Do I need to say more?! JJ. JJ is like no other. He is caring, humorous and a sweetheart. Over time you learn why JJ is how he is. He is simply one of a kind. After watching the whole show of Outer Banks, JJ and Rafe continue to share the place of number one. But why? For the same reasons as before! Although, in Season 3 Rafe is much less aggravated by others around him, either that or he has controlled how to hide his aggravation.